7v7 Christmas Jam

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Boys and Girls
Sunday December 8, 2024
Mazeppa Rd Park
Mooresville, NC


The CB Lax Christmas Jam is located in Mooresville, NC and will be played on Sunday December 8, 2024. Our goal is to provide your team with an organized and fun weekend, with a positive environment that encourages sportsmanship and competition.

7v7 format (2 attack, 2 middies, 2 defense, 1 goalie), with play limited to 4v4 on each end.

All teams will play three games and the top two teams will play for the championship in each division.

Games will be played on 2 lighted well maintained Bermuda grass fields and 4 lighted brand new turf fields at Mazeppa Rd Park (645 Mazeppa Rd, Mooresville, NC 28115)


We will field teams for boys and girls in these divisions:

Varsity (2025/2026)
JV (2027/2028)
Middle School (2029/2030)
Open (anyone that has graduated HS)

Cost: ($800 per team; $400 deposit)

Blended teams are allowed - Simply register your team(s) based on the oldest player on the roster.

Clubs or Schools are encouraged to register. Goalies may play for multiple teams but must submit which teams prior to event start. (Example - a school submits two teams but only has one goalie, that goalie can play for both teams.)


Boys and Girls

  1. All teams play three games.  Top two seeds in each division will play a fourth championship game.
  2. All Games are two 16 min halves with a 3 min halftime.
  3. No timeouts.
  4. Ball put immediately back into play after a goal (no faceoff/draw)
  5. Face-Off/Draw to start each half.
  6. All games are on short sided fields.
  7. Must hold two players in offense end and three players in defense end.
  8. Teams field 1 Goalie, 2 D, 2 M and 2A.
  9. All field rules apply.
  10. All substituting players is on the fly during normal play.

Girls Specific Rules:

  1. Free position shots apply.
  2. Cards are time serving.

Boys Specific Rules:

  1. Two long sticks permitted.
  2. No body checking. Normal stick checking allowed.
  3. Penalties result in 4v3 fast break.  Player who committed penalty must be substituted out.
  4. Officials have discretion to enforce egregious penalties with time serving.
  5. Goal is high paced lacrosse with no take out hits, significant body checking or blind side hitting.

Do not hesitate to email us with any questions: trent@cblax.org or steve@cblax.org


Mazeppa Road Park Field Layout

Note: Fields 3,4,5 and 6 are all brand new turf

Mazeppa Road Park Field Layout Adj

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